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The District of Germany have a Womens Section which meets every two months in Herford. The womens Section is there to provide charitable help for ex-Servicewomen and Wives & Widows of ex-Servicemen and their Dependants.
With effect of the 1st January 2005 the major changes in the Welfare Provision of the Women's Section include:-
1. Women's Section Allowance (WSA), formerly the Widows & ex-Servicewomens Allowance.
2. The Childrens Fund. All children's cases are actioned by the Women's Section Welfare department.
3. Welfare Breaks, formerly the Rest and Convalescence Breaks.
4. Presidents Award which provide educational scholarships and grants to assist young people and to enable women to retrain and return to work.
5. Welfare Caseworkers, formerly Welfare Visitors.
For further details of these Schemes or for further details of Membership contact:-
Joan Hatton 02372 16415
Christa Price 02373 394506
Helen Hefferman 05221 22070
Or email the Secretary at
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